I hate my job

"Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come."

- 维克多·雨果

**紧急公告:Today is the official launch of Version 2.0 ofLive Off Your Passion:屡获殊荣的职业课程,可帮助您找到热情并围绕自己喜欢的工作建立职业。超过700个更改,大小,重新设计了72页的工作簿。等不及要看你的想法了!在此处查看所有详细信息以及几个有趣的v2.0奖金。*****


首先,我想说谢谢你!所有你马ssively passionate and loyal readers, supporters and those of you who have purchased Live Off Your Passion in the past few months. Somehow, thanks to all of you, Live Off Your Passion was voted The #1 Personal Development Product of 2011!! Wow! Seriously, I was blown away to hear this. I didn't even know it was being considered until I heard the big news. And the only reason it happened was because of all you. The contest was held by Steve Aitchison of Change Your Thoughts, where over 20,000 people from around the world were asked to nominate and then cast their vote.说真的,谢谢!我将自己的心脏和灵魂倾注到了这门课程中(正如您可能从调查,产品清单和其他所有内容中看到的那样)。从技术上讲,该项目大约在6个月前开始,但实际上它始于大约8年前...



- 标记吐温


到目前为止,您确定您知道可怕的统计数据:超过80%的人不喜欢他们的工作,近75%的人不知道他们的激情。These two numbers kill me. But thanks to our work here at Live Your Legend, it's getting better by the day (congrats to so many of you who've made massive change - it's not easy, but I bet it was worth it)! But for the rest of the world, it's crazy to think that so many people are willing continue to act in a way that doesn't make them happy. And trust me, by now I feel like I've seen it all...yet I continue to be surprised.

Richard Branson Productivity Space


- 匿名的

On discovering the ultimate source of confidence & productivity...




泰勒·斯威夫特(Taylor Swift)成名


~Taylor Swift

今天,我想挑战您与众不同。不一定更好。只是不同。以没有人的方式脱颖而出。我挑战您做一些使人们说的事情:“您在说什么 */$#?!”The path to this type of recognition (and even fame), be it business, social or whatever, is not as complicated as you think.So why is it that some people seem to crush it while so many others flail around in mediocrity? Somehow the lucky few become overnight-famous, while the rest spin their tires.*旁注:到现在为止,我希望您知道一夜之间没有任何有意义的事情 - 我们似乎想认为它对他人做到了,但这确实是我们的脑海。从我记得的时间里,我已经对普通与非凡的研究进行了研究。并花时间与各种相对众所周知的生活传说,揭示了一些有趣的结果。bet188最新地址我有个好消息。

Simon Sinek Start with Why

"The goal is not to do business with everybody who needs what you have. The goal is to do business with people who believe what you believe."

- Simon Sinek, Start with Why

去年年初,我遇到了一句话,这是2011年最深刻的商业概念和工具(也许是我的一生)。It caused me to fully rebrand and reposition Live Your Legend as well as my investment business. I believe it has everything to do with why Live Your Legend has experienced the rapid growth and success it has. It's only fitting that I share this with you as the closing to our "Monetize Your Passion Online" series.教我这堂课的那个人是西蒙·西内克(Simon Sinek)。2009年,他写了一本书叫Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action。几年之内,这本书及其背后的概念实际上席卷了世界。西蒙·西内克(Simon Sinek)现在被认为是领导战略和全球热情工作的杰出思想家之一。他经常说20-25次一个月and does much of his work with the United States Military. He's been invited to do work with groups like Microsoft, Dell, SAP, Intel, Chanel, various government groups and Members of the United States Congress. He's also presented his ideas to the Ambassadors of Bahrain and Iraq, at the United Nations and to the senior leadership of the United States Air Force.This guys' the real deal.



*注意:这是“在线货币化”系列中的第三篇文章。这对乔纳森·米德(Jonathan Mead)的一些大想法也有点底漆,我将掩盖我们的 免费网络研讨会/在线演示文稿 ****

I have a little secret...

我花了一段时间学习它。准备好?大多数博客不会赚很多钱。有多少,这似乎很明显。但是我也谈论的也是中等大的(甚至是一些非常大的)。我知道很多网站,有成千上万的追随者,甚至数万个月度的页面浏览量,这几乎不会赚钱。这并不是因为他们也是为慈善事业而做的……另一方面,我知道更多的朋友和导师,这些朋友和导师的博客和网站更小,但赚钱超出了他们所需的钱。与许多早期商业建筑商所相信的相反(我和任何人一样有罪),这并不全是关于大小的。The truth is that even the small guys can kick some major ass.It just requires the right offering.


"A hobby is just a hobby unit you make a sale. Then it's a business." ~Anonymous

*笔记:这是接下来几周我正在运行的“您的激情在线获利”系列中的第二篇文章。享受 *****

Now on to the good stuff - exactly how this site makes money...

去年年初,我的目标是到2011年底在30天内从Live您的传奇中赚取1,000美元。当时这似乎是一个非常雄心勃勃的目标。188金宝搏提款bet188最新地址但这还不是结果……相反,到2011年底,该网站赚了足够的钱来支持旧金山的一个不错的生存。每月的效果超过1k ...在接下来的几千个单词中,我的工作方式的全部细节。


*笔记:Below is my full list of goals for 2012, which I created using the freeGoal-Setting and Action Workbook。如果您尚未下载副本,现在做and let's get cranking, because it's time to share your biggest goal of 2012 with our community! *****


由于某种原因,我们往往很难兑现自己的承诺。但是大多数人绝对讨厌与他人的承诺。这就是为什么我分享了我2012年我的每个目标。向您展示所有一切都让我有些恐惧,但是我知道我承诺的人越多(截至今天,您中的10,435人)钩我是,这些事情实际上就变得越有可能成为现实。我没有发现更有力的方法来产生结果。所以现在轮到你了。In this edition ofAsk The Reader ,,,,I want to hear what matters to you most this year. This is your chance to speak up and add direct value to what we’re building at Live Your Legend, and get specific help on your biggest goals, both from me and the community.