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"By attempting what might seem impossible in our lives...by taking risks...by pushing and reaching out for the edge, we free ourselves from our own boundaries. We each have one trip on this planet – and making it count – feeling like we have celebrated and gotten as much out of life as we can – that’s what challenging ourselves is about. We are capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for. Impossible is nothing more than a state of mind. Go out at test it." – Ray Zahab Founder of impossible2Possible

I have some really big news.

Today is a big day in the history of Live Your Legend and our quest to change the world. Not only did Live Off Your Passion pre-launch yesterday (people are loving it btw! Thanks for your support guys), but alsotoday I am announcing that Live Your Legend has officially partnered with the youth adventure charityimpossible2Possible (i2P) 每一个销售的5%靠你的激情,和任何other product sold on Live Your Legend, will be donated towards the revolution Ray Zahab and his team of 30 or so epic folks are leading at impossible2Possible to empower kids to do the things that most say could never be done.

make an impact

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure."

- 玛丽安·威廉姆森(Marianne Williamson)

Last week I attend my very first live TEDx event in San Francisco. It's been on my list for over a year and it massively blew away my expectations. TED is hands down one of my favorite organizations. The things they’ve taught me are priceless. I watch a Talk on my iPad almost daily on my way to the office. It's a way to surround yourself with passionate people without even having to leave your house… The theme of the night wasCreating Your Own Government演讲者震惊了我。当我在舞台上听到八个左右的才华横溢的人,您可以想象,每一个背景,经验和各行各业,一件事比什么都更重要:


These people weren't inherently famous, privileged or gifted. In fact many of their stories of living meal to meal and idea to idea were quite the opposite. One of the men Rory Arrow, an ex British newspaper reporter, talked of his experience of having just spent every ounce and penny of his past few years creating a documentary about the work of Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Gene Sharp (more on him later). His dream of completing the documentary has come true and currently he doesn't even have a home. He's not exactly sure what's next but he knows what he's doing matters.


"With the right tools, anything's possible..."

事实证明,Live您的传奇不是唯18bet188最新地址8金宝搏提款一希望帮助人们工作的网站(谁会想到?!)。实际上,如果不是许多其他启发,​​教导和帮助我的旅程和思考的网站的网站,那么这个网站就不会存在。18bet188最新地址8金宝搏提款Live Your Legend是这些年来的网站,书籍,工具,实验,案例研究以及我与之交谈的人的总和。这就是我发现自己的激情的方式。我花了很多时间挖掘我发现的所有互联网中最好的资源来寻找您的梦想职业。这是您的主资源。添加书签并在您看到合适的情况下回来。实际上,许多经营这些网站的人都是专家访谈和案例研究之一How To Live Off Your Passion guide。The sites below are in no particular order aside from the fact that the first group of sites are run by people I know and who have personally inspired me. Then I've listed other highly ranked resources further down. These folks are all part of the revolution and I thank them for that. Together we are changing the world.


Sites I've used and have inspired me:

1.PurposeFinder朱利安·戈登(Jullien Gordon)Keynote speaker at over 60 college campuses around the country and implementing programs to help students find passion and purpose. Coach and author of 5 books on the topic.2.She Creates Change由Suparna BhasinSite, books and coaching service dedicated to women finding their passion and purpose.3.为什么要大学by Simon Sinek Author of “Start With Why” and companion site for the book dedicated to finding meaning and purpose behind the work you do and how to use it to influence and change the world.4.Job Hunter's Bibleby Dick BollesThe companion site for 30 year+ best seller "What Color is Your Parachute".

Remember Steve Jobs

“I want to put a dent in the universe.”

- 史蒂夫·乔布斯(Steve Jobs),1955年2月24日至2011年10月5日[推文此报价]

两个星期前的今天,我们失去了传奇。bet188最新地址也许是我们这个时代最具变化的传说。bet188最新地址史蒂夫·乔布斯(Steve Jobs)很有可能会对世界各地的每个现代成年人产生影响。很难相信任何一个人都可以做出这样的陈述。可悲的事情和我发现如此有趣的事情是,尽管当时的交易有多大 - 活动窃取了多少个头条新闻,或者有多少新闻室潜入其中。在几天或几周内,通常就像从未发生过。史蒂夫·乔布斯(Steve Jobs)去世的那天,Twitter炸毁了。整个网络爆炸了。世界各地的每个新闻室也是如此。文章和链接无处不在。 This continued for a few days. But sadly, only a couple weeks later, I see hardly any mention.Steve Jobs' death hit me hard.它比我想象的要困难。更难。而且我已经计划在这是一个非常艰难的打击...我听到的那一天,我立即考虑过取消那天的文章并慰问我的慰问。但是后来我想起了我们忘记的速度。所以我决定等待几个星期。这是我对当时最大的生活中最大的生活之一的公开致敬。我希望它至少会重新点燃一两天的热情。请分享和鸣叫您认为合适的。

Conquer Fear


~ Woody Allen

大约一年前Good Life Zen。我很欣喜若狂。多亏了我从她那里学到的东西(并勤奋地应用),Leo Baubauta通过他们的友谊以及他们的博客俱乐部,我的business had grown by nearly 1,300% in the previous nine months. I had arranged time to meet with Mary because I wanted to talk about what was next - my big plans for the year to come. This is something I routinely practice with all my models in any space that I'm passionate about improving. Instead of reinventing the wheel, I prefer to seek out the folks that can teach me how to roll the one that already works perfectly well. As we were chatting ideas and next steps, we got to talking about pitfalls and things to watch out for in the business. I wanted to make sure I didn't run into any easily-avoidable brick walls... Then Mary looked over to me and said, "Scott, there is one thing over all others that's the biggest risk to your online career at your stage. Do you know what it is?" I was all ears...

"Living a life of passion and getting paid for it is just that, a way of life. Those who wake up excited aren’t just the lucky ones, they condition themselves to experience and deserve it."

- 斯科特·丁斯莫尔(Scott Dinsmore)

Note:如果您在电子邮件中阅读这篇文章,我强烈建议您单击以阅读在线版本to get the full effect!*******我今天与大家分享我真的很令人兴奋。众所周知,这个网站有一个目的:to get you to start doing work you love.I believe this is a fundamental human right and we're all capable of experiencing it. It also happens to be something the world desperately needs. In last month's Ask The Reader post I asked you all one question: "What's the biggest challenge or fear keeping you from doing work you love?" The responses were overwhelming.The majority of your problems came down to two things:

1. I don't know my passion

2. I don't know how to make money from my passion

Between these responses, the surveys I've run, the comments, the emails and the coaching clients, the sticking point always seems to come down to passion.事实证明,在过去的8年中,我对自己和他人进行了实验,以更好地了解我们着火了什么。I eventually came across a process for making these discoveries. I have good news. Over the past three months I've taken all I've learned and developed a guide to help you all with just that - to find passion and make a living from it.






confused optimism

"Why risk what you have and need for what you don't have and don't need?"

~Warren Buffett


I recently had lunch with a buddy of mine who finished business school and now is about two years into his investment banking career. As we indulged in some Chipotle, he casually mentioned the kinds of salaries some of his buddies were getting and how he was looking forward to his massive year-end payout. Mind you, these are the type of bonuses that can buy homes (or perhaps even small countries). All he had to do was put in the time and he was all but assured the golden check. That's when it hit me.Suddenly I caught myself thinking of how nice it would be to have what he 'had'.看似一定的薪水,一致性It all sounded so freaking awesome. For a moment it felt worth trading for. Then I remembered how our lunch started... He explained how out of the last three weeks he'd had dinner with his wife once. He had been at the office for around 12-14 hours a day (except on weekends when he was lucky to only work 9-5). And his workout routine was about as consistent as his family dinner appearances. Many of his friends and co-workers spent 20% more than their monthly take - despite it being enough to buy that small country. The watches, the suits, the status, the dinners, the seemingly 'necessary' luxuries they'd gotten used to. All this added up - to a price I knew I wasn't willing to pay.

I’ve got a special free bonus for you loyal Live Your Legend readers. I’ve created a PDF workbook of the top 27 questions I've found that will help you find your passion and live on purpose. These come from what I've learned from everyone from Tony Robbins to the Dalai Lama and best-selling authors to business experts. One thing's for sure, Living Legends know how to ask the right questions and I want to share the very best of them with you! If you want immediate access to the free guide, then just click the “Share to Get” button below. This button will ask you to share this page on Twitter or Facebook. After you have shared it, you’ll have immediate access to the comprehensive workbook. (Make sure you click the "Share to Get" button below in order to have access to the link.) (can't see the button?Click here。)有关这些问题的力量的更多信息,请继续阅读...

Build your army

"With the right audience, anything's possible."


A few nights ago I had the honor of attending aTEDx event in San Francisco。TED is hands down one of my favorite organizations. The things they've taught me are priceless. The theme of the night wasCreating Your Own Government演讲者震惊了我。More than anything, the biggest takeaway was simple:


I don't care whether it's to get your favored candidate elected, to improve nutrition in schools or perhaps change the world by getting people to do work they love, like we're doing here at Live Your Legend. It doesn't matter what topic you choose. What does matter is that you choose something, anything - and start broadcasting your strongest beliefs. The tools have never been easier and cheaper to use. I promise you that if you start saying things that matter to you, there's going to be other folks around the world who care just as much. It's on us to build that community and lead that revolution. With that said, let's get into the action. **********

The Pursuit of 'Ridiculous' Dreams...

Just over ten years ago a young British chef in his mid twenties decided he was going to change the world. He had a powerful message he wanted to share. All he needed was someone to listen. He was crazy about revolutionizing the way kids learned about and consumed food. More specifically he wanted to remove all processed food from kids' plates - a pretty tall order. He'd stop at nothing to do it. Ten years ago no one had heard of Jamie Oliver. Today his YouTube videos alone have gotten millions of views, not to mention his multiple hit TV series and dozens of restaurant chains. In 2003 he was awarded the Order of the British Empire, and recently Jamie won the泰德奖as he told the world his dream to teach every child about food. That video alone has been watched over 1.4 million times. The thing is Jamie isn't much different than any of us. The only difference is simple: Jamie found his voice and stopped at nothing to spread it. He had a passion rooted so deep he nearly brings himself to tears each time to speaks.每个人都有一个信息要传播。 The thing is, a lot of us don't know what it is yet and few of us have taken the steps to get the word out. It's time for that to change.