3 Examples of How Reframing can Allow you to Make the Most of Anything

3 Examples of How Reframing can Allow you to Make the Most of Anything

Happy Wednesday Legends,

我最近在伦敦完成了培训,成为一名巴雷老师。培训长6周,需要20多小时/周的时间。我写了一篇文章how I almost talked myself out of ita few weeks back. But, the first day in, and especially now that it is behind me, I am so very glad that I didn’t!

部分原因我将从这个机会限制自己是因为对变革的恐惧是自然的。Our minds are wired differently than what often serves us, so even if you know some sort of change will be good for you, it is still in our nature to have some level of fear or uncertainty around it.

我的思绪在提醒我,我确实有这项业务跑,当时6周似乎很长一段时间从中迈出。但是,谢天谢地,我已经采取了一个非常为我服务的信念:We are always trading something for another…

If I am not putting energy into one thing, I am putting it into something else. There is no wasted energy. It’s a matter of what I prioritize at any given time. Sometimes I prioritize creating a lot, other times I prioritize taking in information to get inspiration. But whatever I lose in one thing, I gain something else with the other.

并赋予我所花钱的时间my own self-expert, I know that I have a much better balance when I split my time doing things I love with people in person (teaching) and doing things I love on my own (my work at LYL). I have had periods of imbalance between these two, and it has left me out of alignment, feeling burnt out, wanting to give up, etc. So, in a way, I saw my decision to join the training as a short term ‘sacrifice’ for long-term fulfillment. Though in reality it wasn’t a sacrifice at all because it was loads of fun and even though I was outputting more hours than normal to balance the two, it was only for a short amount of time.


Prior to joining this training, I had spent 10 years teaching in San Francisco. Not only was I a teacher but I was a Master Teacher Trainer, meaning I trained all the teachers back home.So, given my experience, I could have gone into the training seeing it as something I already knew. I could have likely offered to bypass the training and ‘test out’ right away. And while I hate to admit it, if I am honest, my younger self might have approached it that way! But experience has taught me that when you learn to check your ego at the door, you can总是变得比你更多。

所以我把我的注意力仅仅因为这一事实e I had learned something one way, didn’t mean it was the ‘right’ way! More often than not, we adopt beliefs based on our surroundings, and then never think to challenge those beliefs. Our conditions, upbringing, geography, etc. create our beliefs (and our beliefs often dictate our lives!) but many of them we never actually came up with ourselves! Rather, they came as a result of where we happened to be at a certain time in our lives. How crazy is that?!


Just because I had been taught something one way, didn’t mean it was the only way…


Funny enough, I did end up testing out to teach after only two weeks of training but I still showed up every single day for the entire 6 weeks because this was an opportunity to listen, to learn, to grow.Because, we do naturally have reactions to the things around us: an automatic answer, fear, anger, pain, etc. However, while those reactions may happen automatically, how you respond to those reactions is in your control. I reframed the training as an opportunity to be practice being less reactionary and a more mindful version of myself, and I enjoyed every minute of it because I likely never would have set out that much time to do that.




2. Think of Things as a Game

I have been working on getting a book published for quite some time now (thank god I wasn’t attached to a timeline!). There was a point where I felt burnt out by the whole thing. I wanted to give up completely. But then I realized it was because I was taking it so dang seriously.

Once I realized that it was up to me and me only to have fun throughout the process, I decided to think of it as a game. If I am playing a video game, it isn’t a life or death scenario. Which, ahem, may be the approach I previously had with this book.

In any game, if I make it to the next level, awesome, and if it is still enjoyable, I will carry on. If not I won’t.


I have no idea how I will feel about promoting a book if I get one published (ideally it will be the book I think everyone needs to read, right?!) so why on earth would I talk myself out of something now, given I have no idea how I will feel if I ever make it to that level.

We play games because they are fun, they stimulate us and bring us enjoyment. And we do so until they no longer do that. This same approach can be taken with life…

3. Always be a Student

We don’t walk into organic chemistry class in university assuming we know everything, or thinking that we should know everything—we go there to learn! Yet, for some reason, when we get into adulthood we magically think we are supposed to know how to do things, and difficult things at that like navigating challenges, managing relationships, or building businesses and careers. We get down on ourselves if we feel lost and frustrated when we can seem to figure it out.



And if all else fails, come back to your why…

我最近使用了一个mastermind studentthat is taking a course. He really wants to do it but it’s hard work. He is learning new skills, which can make us feel like crap, (because, as I said above, usually we aren’t that good at it right away!) but no one likes to feel like crap.

When I asked him why he was taking the course, it came down to the fact that it would allow him to be more efficient at his job and therefore spend more time with his family. Valid reason!

但是当你面前的所有人都感觉到垃圾时,就很容易忘记大局。所以,有时我们需要提醒自己走出自己的方式,所以我们实际上我们能够记住为什么我们正在做我们正在做的事情。我知道如何这样做的最简单方式之一是重新定义我们知道会更好的事情in the long run as things we are doing for the people we love. We will do more for others than for ourselves so I advised him to call the course by his child’s name rather than the name of the actual course, because that’s really the reason he was doing it anyway…





- 切尔西德insmore.

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